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About Leanne M. Innet

Area of Practice

Ms. Innet was licensed to practice law in Florida in 2005, and for three years, she worked as a judicial law clerk at Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal. For a brief period thereafter, she worked as an associate attorney in private practice handling insurance defense. After moving to North Charleston, Ms. Innet became licensed in South Carolina in 2011, and today, she has a general practice focusing on national security clearance issues. In her past career, Ms. Innet was a certified clinical perfusionist, which primarily involved operating a heart-lung machine in cardiac surgery.

Ms. Innet is a general practitioner who focuses her practice on counseling and representing individuals and companies who seek or hold national security clearances. Additionally, she passionately supports each individual’s right to self-determination in end-of-life decision-making and will draft Health Care Powers of Attorney, Declarations of a Desire for a Natural Death [Living Will], simple Last Wills, and Durable Powers of Attorney. Ms. Innet is of counsel to Riesen Law Firm, LLP, where she can associate with seasoned attorneys in all major legal practice areas. Ms. Innet is a notary public.